Orientation Day

              Orientation Day


I arrived at Northcote High School (NHS), said goodbye to my dad and walked in wondering what the 9th of December had in store for me. I found out which class I was in from the sheet and walked to the hall and sat down in my form, 7E. We introduced each other and had an introduction to Northcote High School.

After the welcome, we went to our classroom in the D block and sat down and got our name tags on. We played a round of human bingo. It’s basically where you go and ask your classmates questions like which month are you born in and if someone has the same thing in common, you write their name down and once your sheet is full, you say bingo. I quickly became friends with Jon which is short for Jonathan. We walked around on a tour of the school and then came back to have recess.

Recess was fun and I talked with Jonathan and also went and made some other friends too. I forgot to say that our tutorial teacher name is Miss/Mrs Dresleck, I think. We went to drama and played some fun games to do with our presentation skills in daily life.

We went to science next and discussed about what we were going to study next year. We got to do an experiment where we put some chemicals, for example sodium chloride on a metal rod and put it on a blue flame on a Bunsen burner to see which colour the flame turned into. It was awesome to see the colours but they were very similar colours some of them, we also had to guess an unknown chemical which we guessed was lithium chloride.

We washed our hands and went to have lunch. I had a vegemite sandwich and went over and found Jonathan throwing his sandwich to some birds which was funny because there was one dove and three pigeons and he was trying to feed the dove only. Don’t worry; it was only a tiny bit of his lunch.

We came back and began to take a Student Profile Test which had around 130 questions. I finished around 80 and felt pretty happy because we only had 30 minutes. We filled out our booklets and I found out about the iPad program and went to listen to the assembly at the end of the day, it finished at two thirty and I went back home to tell my dad everything I have written in this recount!                                                                                                    

Btn G20 preview

19 of the worlds most influential countries hold a meeting every year and this year, it’s in Brisbane. The countries decide big issues that effect the whole world which makes a big difference to our society. With all of terrorism alerts on high, the police have made it very safe although an attack is very unlikely. The 20 means 19 countries plus 1 European union representive to make up the 20 countries that will be in Brisbane very soon.

Btn Rosetta Mission

A landing probe called Rosetta has landed on a comet which will lead scientists to making great discoveries about our planet and why our planet is made up of 70% water. It has been a long project, 10 years in fact, that was  since 2004, but the time won’t matter if this information isn’t waisted so let’s hope it all goes well as the engineer said it would!

BTN War Nurses

On the 11th of November, we celebrate remembrance day, and we commemorate the end of the war in 1918, well women also participated, not in combat but by bein gnurses because everyone wanted to pitch in. It was a hard time and nurses like olive were worried about the soldiers and the prospect of losing the war. We will always remember them!

Btn Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases are good wheearthen are natura, right, yeah but if there not, the can harm the environment, increase the temperature, cause extreme weather, harm humans and wildlife. It’s a big problem but if evevryone pushes hard on the topic and pitch in, we can fix it. we can do stuff like ride to school andNiall to our parents and spread the word that we can fix it and we can’t just stand here making it worse. The Austarlian Governenment want to decrease our carbonfootprint by 5% which will be hard and also tow top using fossil fuels by 2100 but with a great goalshe can achieve what is good for our world!

100wc Week#4

I walked though the bush, and heard a running stream, I needed water so I ran the last few metersa pulled out my sandwich and continued to eat and fill up my water bottle, as I brushed it thought the water, a crocodile popped up and I threw my water bottle and pepper at it and ran away thought he soft bush scrub. I was sad about losing my orange water bottle but soon forgot about it afterwards. I ran back to my car and got in and when I arrived homestat down on my bed and saw the croc at my window, arrggg

i woke up sweating and began to reach for my orange water bottle, it wasn’t there……..

100wcWeek 5

I was walking through the dark alleyway and I heard the sounds of my feet and my heavy panting, I thought I had outrun my friend but as I looked around, I saw him right behind me so I sped ouin into the open street,when IAWACS hit by the car.

I was chasing my friend, I followed him down into the alleyway and heard his loud footsteps and saw him look at me but I kept running right up till the most terrible thing I saw in my life, he never woke again. I went to his funeral, thinking it was all my fault, we should have never been playing the stupid game, all my fault.

100wc Week 6

I had bpair blind since a saw an eclipse five years ago, I looked right at the sun, which now seemed very stupid. anyway I got to see the most amazing doctor yesterday, his name was Fred Hollows I think, a great man, he helped fix my eye, we’ll when I say that, he helped me to see again.

He came up to me and was actually very nice, he was asking me my name and how I did this and he was very nice about that too, then he patched my eye up and when he took it off, I was able to see again, just like the parable from the scriptures I read at church (when I could see)

100wc Week 7

As I walked in I could not belive the smell and the way the building rose up to the heavens. The sistene chapel, painted by Michelangelo was magnificent, a great building, the eight wonder of the world. It was never what I imagined it to be, it’s much better than that, howMichelangelo sat on scaffoldingm lay on his back and painted the roof of the Sistine chapel was a amazing thought but the steel of the building was magnificent. I loved it, and as I left, I couldn’t wait tobecome back again.